Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Scattered thoughts with a little Global Warming Wednesday thrown in

Another bulleted post since I'm definitely suffering from a scattered mind today. And my thoughts are definitely all over the map.
  • I discovered that one of Scooter's friends, the one who was moving to Scandinavia, already left. I had meant to get a picture of him and ask his parents for their new address. But at least I got Scooter's address to them, so maybe we'll be able to have the boys exchange pictures and "letters."
  • Another Scooter-related item: Trillian and I met with his OT today for an exit meeting. She gave us a list of things we can do at home to help Scooter with his weakest areas. But at least we now feel like there are a small number of well-defined goals that will make the biggest difference in his physical development.
  • Our mortgage company managed to find one more thing that had to be signed--really a corrected version of a form we signed yesterday. Luckily it didn't require notarization and we were able to scan the signed form and email it back to our closing agent. I'd love to say that we're done, that closing is complete, but both Trillian and I are waiting for some last-minute panic tomorrow.
  • I am so totally engrossed in the current Writer's Guild strike! I check out United Hollywood and Pamie every day for the latest news from the picket lines. Perhaps it is my father's blood and his communist/ Marxist/ peaceful activism tendencies. And then there's the whole artists' solidarity thing. Not that I'm a professional writer or that I would go the screenwriting route, but still...
And here's my favorite:
  • I have a troll! A paid troll even. I thank United Hollywood for writing about this. My troll has been posting comments on an old post of mine: Banning bisphenol A from last month, my post for Blog Action Day. I'm amused. Because here I am, a small-time blogger, and some corporate shill is spending his time and company money arguing with me. It may have something to do with the fact that my blog tends to come up fairly high in searches on bisphenol A. So they need to have that voice in my comments to try to discredit my concern and make anyone who reads that far drop their own doubts. (On the other hand, I think I'll be setting comments to close after a set time so that I don't have to keep dealing with drama on posts that aren't active. As neat as it is to see that this post is frequently read, it's not personally satisfying to run back to old posts when I know that the core of my audience won't see this unless I bring it to their attention.)


Lisa b said...

oh I am so excited to read the troll!!
thanks for the tip

b*babbler said...

Wow. That's crazy about the troll. I had no idea that companies paid people to do that. I mean, I feel a little naive, and it doesn't surprise me, but I had no idea!