Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter, atheist-style

We decided to mark the holiday as a family, worshipping at the altar of Science. That is to say, with no gymnastics this weekend and wanting the boy to run off some energy, we headed off to the Ontario Science Centre. As did a good number of the area’s other atheists, Jews, Hindus, Muslims, and Buddhists. But we got there nice and early, found a close up parking space, and got our tickets (membership plus IMAX tickets) just before the exhibits opened.

Scooter loved, loved, loved the Centre! Our first stop was just outside the KidSpark area. There they have a “kinetic sculpture." It looks like a giant Rube Goldberg contraption and is interactive. Kids can set balls into motion; they roll along tracks, bouncing on trampolines, swirling around a brass bowl, clinking down a xylophone, brushing against chimes. Scooter took part with the greatest zeal and would have stayed there all morning, had we not enticed him away with the promise of “more stuff.”

The “more stuff” we looked at next was KidSpark (in French, ActivIdée). Scooter started with the water play area, particularly the boats, but also some bubbles. A quick peak at the fish and then another long stop at the ball rollercoasters. After that, he worked on the “construction site,” putting shingles on the house and moving building materials up to the second floor. We spent some time in the Weston Family Innovation Centre. It’s meant mostly for older kids and adults, but we discovered the air tunnels where you could make a paper airplane (or other aerodynamic paper object) and see how well it flew up the tube. I made a glider per the suggestions there and then a twirlybird from the scrap. Scooter loved shooting them up the tube and then watching us try to catch them.

We also stopped by the IMAX theatre for a showing of Bugs! Scooter reclines on me or Trillian for the entire viewing—I don’t think he was quite as entranced by the lush rain forest that surrounded us, but he made it through the entire show with only a little encouragement.

A fun and exciting adventure for the whole family. And we came home to the treats Trillian’s mother had sent us for Easter. A little egg salad, made from a couple of our beautifully decorated hard-boiled eggs. And Scooter has already fallen asleep. All in all, a wonderful holiday!


metro mama said...

Perfect way to spend the holiday.

I can't wait to take Cakes to the Science centre.

Lisa b said...

Love that Altar of Science.
The kidszone is fantastic. We have friends who live across the road and basically use it as their park as they have a membership. I met them one weekday morning and we had the place to ourselves.