Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Age is a relative thing

There are many things I want to write, but my mind is so consumed by details of my paper that I don't have the attention span to write a sustained post... plus I feel guilty when I take more than 15 minutes or so from my studies. So you get another anecdote.

Walking with Scooter back to the car after daycare today. We had stopped by my department to hang out for a while (Trillian had an important work-related phone call, so I wanted to keep him out for a bit). He wanted to go to the room where we usually have departmental parties and was disappointed that nobody was there.

Scooter: I want a party.
Mouse: Well, we can go home now and have a little party there.
S: Maybe it's my birthday.
M: No, you already had your birthday this year. But it will be [Trillian]'s birthday soon.
S: Oh! She'll be five-years-old. (Looks at fingers and checks before holding up all five fingers.)
M: OK, you think she's five?
S: Yes. I'm four and she's five. And then it's your birthday and [Mouse] is 10-years-old.
M: Well, yes it will be my birthday soon after [Trillian]'s. You think I'm twice as old as [Trillian]?
S: Yes. I'm four. [Trillian]'s five. And [Mouse] is ten.

For the record, I'm a couple years younger than Trillian. I prefer to think that his estimate of age is based not on looks, but because I'm almost 6 inches taller than Trillian.


Laural said...

I love anecdotes like this!!! The things they say kill me!
My son is really into age right now (just turned 3). And he always wants to know how I am. Every day he asks me how old I am.
Anyway, the other day someone asked his age and he said "I think i'm 28. or maybe that's mommy."
I almost died laughing.

Lisa b said...

oh its definitely a height thing. Older kids are taller.
Its just that easy when you are four.

very cute story. Too bad there cannot be a party all the time.