Sunday, February 04, 2007

My infinite wisdom

I have come to realize that something about being pregnant before has made me a little cocky about a second pregnancy. As I skim back through my old pregnancy books, I find myself making little mental notes: "I don't have to worry about that," "that won't happen to me." Not exactly scientific observations, given the sample size of 1.

Want some specifics?
  • Implantation bleeding. "I never have that." Never's a bit of a sweeping statement. If I head into this pregnancy without implantation bleeding, then I'll be in a better position to say never (since we only plan on having the two kids).
  • Spotting in general. "No worries." Slightly better authority here since that applies to the entire 9 months of my first pregnancy, but still no guarantee for this go around.
  • Morning sickness. "I've read that it affects young women, first pregnancies, and mothers carrying multiples most often; therefore, I won't even think about it." Yes, I'm one of those few women who did not suffer from morning sickness. In my first pregnancy, at the youngest I was ever going to be. Now, I also had HCG levels that did rise as quickly as desired and there seems to be a correlation between the increasing hormone and nausea. So actually, I might manage to avoid the anxiety I had early in the last pregnancy if I find myself puking.
Of course, there are also the things that I imagine will be just as bad as last time. Exhaustion--I was lucky enough to still be on summer break for my first 8 weeks; Trillian came home to me napping almost every afternoon. Weight gain--50 pounds last time. Heartburn--Tums were my friend.

I am also beginning to realize that my general experience of this pregnancy will be very different from my first one. I was very aware during my first pregnancy of every step and spent a lot of time revelling in it. But I just don't have the time now. With an almost-4-year-old and a demanding course and teaching load, there is not as much time to sit and enjoy. Or even just sit.

Speaking of which, off to some primary source reading...


Mad Hatter said...

You didn't have morning sickness. I now count you the luckiest mother on the planet.

Lisa b said...

I think the first pregnancy is usually a pretty good indicator of things to come.

My one main surprise was how much sooner the strange uncomfortable symptoms such a joint pain come with the second. Which is so inconvenient when you have one to look after. Oh and you are totally right about not being as aware. This time I cannot even remember what week I am when last time I knew to the day.

You are so lucky to not have been sick. The nausea is nice and reassuring for about five minutes then it just sucks.

Fingers crossed for you.