Saturday, February 14, 2009

Family time

I had intended to try to follow some Twitters for this day of Freedom to Marry Week. I forgot, however, that Scooter had only a half-day of school (administrative stuff and then a long weekend with Presidents' Day), which erased the time I had planned for looking at this stuff.

So we spent the afternoon doing the sorts of things families might do with this time, whether or not their families are legally recognized. Scooter and I headed to the library, where he picked out a couple videos and a book and I got my hands on Look Me in the Eye. We then headed over to Starbucks for a chocolate milk and Americano (guess who had which), passing the time by writing various words and then doing some writing--this is what passes for entertainment for us. Trillian met up with us, and we headed to a nearby diner.

Back at home, Scooter watched his videos and played with Legos, demanding that Trillian join him for part of the time. I supplied some snacks and went through Valentine's cards with him. He worked on building with his gear set and then got ready for bed with big plans to complete his project tomorrow.

(And then I geeked out to a block of sci-fi programming, which is the reason I didn't go check out Twitter after he headed to bed. I mean, Joss has a new show. Sarah Connor is back. Not to mention another BSG episode. Marriage equality is important to me, but it had to go on hold for a few hours.)


Bea said...

So what did you think of that episode? I feel as if about a season's worth of information has been downloaded into my brain after all those episodes of annoying silence. I'm still sorting it all out.

Mouse said...

I had guessed the final cylon the first time I saw that character, so it was a fun reveal in the first episode, but seemed superfluous. But the character's importance in this episode, not to mention the explanation of the final 5, was not what I expected at all. Still trying to figure out the exact chronology of everything.

Lisa b said...

'whether or not their families are legally recognized. " love it.

thanks for your comment. Tis true. I am not always crying. Now I am struggling to remember who it was I saw just before I ran into you. You know it might have been that counsellor I was seeing who kept crying herself which made me feel like I didnt' have to!