Friday, February 06, 2009

Again, I really need a cameraphone

Headed to the grocery store and stopped at a light, I really wished I had a cameraphone so that I could snap a picture of the car in front of me. On the bumper, the following, left to right:
  • Palin 2012
  • McCain Palin
  • Don't Blame Me, I Voted McCain
and, the best of the bunch
  • Sarah!
I think that last one should be said with jazz hands.


Lisa b said...

where the hell have I been? you have some stellar posts up.

can you believe I actually saw someone wearing a palin 2012 shirt at disney? of course you can.
I am so Canadian I THOUGHT IT WAS A JOKE...
good thing I realised before i opened my mouth.
listen if you can get me one of those shirts I woudl LOVE IT.

Mouse said...

I got my cameraphone! And have even figured out how to take pictures (though I'll need to work on getting them off of the phone).

I've learned to wait a beat on most of my reactions here, which is good since I have a neighbor who will tell us about being healed while watching the 700 Club, etc. I always hope that my eyes don't bug out too big.