Monday, February 09, 2009

Another Freedom to Marry Week

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It's Freedom to Marry Week again.

Somehow it has crept up on me again, despite the fact that it's proximity to Valentine's Day and my anniversary should make it easy to remember. Yet Dana's post at Mombian was the first I thought of it.

The theme this year is "7 Conversations in 7 Days." Each day has its own suggested action. Not all of them will work for me, but I'm going to try to follow along in the spirit, doing what I can in this space on most days. Maybe on the other days, I'll post recipes over at The Mouse's Kitchen from the meals we'll be having for Valentine's Day and our anniversary. Two of the planned items are truffles and creme brulee!

Anyway, here are the days and the suggested actions, along with what I'm planning:
  • Sunday, February 8th: YouTube Challenge
Not exactly my cup of tea, so I'm giving you this instead. (Seriously, I rarely watch anything on YouTube since I have this thing against watching video on my computer. It's hard to explain, and I do make exceptions. But I definitely don't post anything there.)
  • Monday, February 9th: Make Your Voice Heard
Online action: a blog, vlog, comment, Facebook status, or picture. I'll try for my usual, annual post here, and post a link and/or status at Facebook.
  • Tuesday, February 10th: Email for Equality
There's an online marriage resolution. I've already signed it, but I'll post a reminder here on Tuesday. I'll also be posting a link at my family and autism site. (Rather than emailing people in my address book, since I'll reach just about the same number of people this way and in a less chain-lettery way.)
  • Wednesday, February 11th: Button Up for Equality
This may be a food post day since I'll already be adding the button to other posts.
  • Thursday, February 12th: Face to Face Equality
There are supposed to be events for Freedom to Marry Week. I'm not aware of any in my area, and I've already done my fair share of conversing. Probably another food post day.
  • Friday, February 13th: Txt 4 Equality
I neither text nor tweet, so this has all the appeal of the YouTube day. But maybe I'll make an effort to check out the conversation on Twitter on Friday and bring you a few of my favorite tweets.
  • Saturday, February 14th: Get Local With It
I've been a letter-writing machine recently, especially with the domestic partnerships in the local politics here. So I think I'll hold off for a bit on new letters. But I will share a post on what my experience has been and a few of the (mostly pleasant) surprises.

And in the meantime, I'm working on a few other posts for when we return to regular programming.

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