Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

For a few months, I have found it hard to post here. Not that I haven't had many things to say. I've started countless posts and then lost steam and hit 'delete.'

I blame Facebook.

OK, it's not directly Facebook's fault, but that particular site has definitely played a role. I actually had a conversation on this topic with a friend a couple months ago--via Facebook Chat.

See, most of my readers--my regular commenters, at least--are among my Facebook friends. So I feel like they can find out about the more mundane details of my daily life much more easily than trucking over here. And by the time I sit down to compose multiple, (hopefully) coherent paragraphs, my thoughts on the topic feel stale.

So I've decided to redirect things here a bit. I do plan on posting more often between here and the Kitchen. But I think I'll be stepping back just a bit in my writing. I can't quite articulate yet how this will translate to the screen. I expect to write a little less on Scooter, though maybe I'll address how being his parent makes me reflect on my experiences of childhood. I'll also be posting more of my thoughts on autism at a site under my own name (if you're interested, email me and I'll send you over there).

I'll also be updating the look of my blogs, as I get to it. Excuse the mess as I tinker with things I really don't understand.

And something I feel great ambivalence about--I'll be sticking some ads in a sidebar. Not that my readership is so great I'll see much from this, nor do I expect to see much increase in traffic. But maybe I'll earn some coffee money. Besides, I might as well make a few cents on all those people who end up at my site due to various searches on "mouse nest" or because they're looking for women's breasts (seriously, "The post wherein you get to see my breast" is the second most common entry page, after the main site itself).

It may be that ackowledging the changes I've been batting about in my head is completely unnecessary; perhaps they'll barely register for most people. But I wouldn't be me if I didn't overthink things, and then try to drag others into my deliberations.

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karen said...

I am absolutely with you on the facebook news-suckage thing. How many times could I post, It's my birthday! Between fb, twitter, and email, I have little left to share.