Friday, January 30, 2009

Dog training

Dog training me, that is.

Zee and I have started going to dog obedience classes once a week. And I'm already counting down the weeks until we're done.

I knew going in that the main point of obedience class is to train the owner to handle the dog. I get that, understand the philosophy. But the execution is painful for me.

A roomful of dogs, several of them barking, nobody I know, individual practice in front of everyone.

And my dog--usually calm, focused on me, intent, eager to please, quick to learn--is so distracted and excited by all the dogs that he can barely stop whining or wiggling. He has been dubbed "the hyper dog" and the teachers seem convinced that I do no work with him in between classes.

My goals in doing all of this are to bond further with Zee and to get him to follow a few basic commands, nothing fancy.

A few more weeks, and even if Zee doesn't officially pass the class, I'll count it a win if I don't die of embarrassment.

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Team Serrins Springfield said...

I took Lucy years ago. I didn't find it fun but she did better and better each week with the other dogs so I guess it was a success.