Friday, January 02, 2009

Because I'm still ignoring the new year and am not yet dealing with resolutions/goals

I ran by the local grocery store this afternoon to pick up our junk food; that's all we needed since I'd already made the week's official run. In my basket: two frozen pizzas, potato chips, and two bottles of liquor.

Since this is the only grocery store in Springfield, we have one of their savers cards. One of the benefits is supposed to be the bonus coupons printed out with each transaction. Usually they're keyed in some way to the purchases, discounts on either the items purchased or comparable items from other brands.

So the coupon that printed off with the above purchase? Poise bladder control pads.

Dude, it's not like I was going to consume all of the above in one sitting!


Hearing Talking Heads' "Once in a Lifetime" in the car today reminded me of an exchange with some fellow students last year.

We were all filtering in before seminar, early enough that the professor wasn't there yet. A male student was humming a bit and apologetically explained, "I put Talking Heads' Remain in Light on a couple days ago and just can't get the songs out of my head."

I responded enthusiastically, "I have a bunch of their songs on my Shuffle and always find one of their songs to listen to before an exam."

A female student (one I've written about before as annoying me greatly) joined in to add, "Must be before my time. I have no idea who you're talking about."

Now my male colleague is pretty close to her age, and he both knows and appreciates their music. But even more importantly, how could she have ever appreciated Kermit the Frog in the big suit?


Our alma mater made it into a bowl game this year. Since it was a manageable driving distance and in a city with an Ikea, we decided to take a couple days to take it in. Trillian didn't realize until we were there that the last football game I attended was the homecoming game my sophomore year of high school--and that, only because the friend who was driving me to the dance was in the band.

I can follow football much better than I could 20 years ago, and I definitely found that being there made it more exciting than watching at home.

Trillian assures me that I can lay claim to the full college football experience since I had the opportunity to witness a drunken fan getting tossed out of the game. Some perky blonde type, who I'd seen go past us multiple times with a couple beers throughout the game, got into an argument with someone else during the fourth quarter. She was disruptive enough that other people in the same team colors as her were shouting at her to sit down. I believe that the official reason she was asked politely by security, and then more forcefully by a police officer, to leave the area was the cussing she eventually broke into.

Most amusing to me was that her boyfriend was obviously scared of her. Even when the police officer was clearly explaining that this could be done the easy or hard way, he was looking back and forth between the two, deciding which one was scarier.


I have now assembled enough Ikea furniture to feel assured of my butch credentials again (despite the foofy top and shimmery lip balm I'm wearing). I think this is a large part of the Ikea appeal for me. I get to work with tools and build things, but don't have to do any of the planning or detail work.

The down side is that we now have all of the furniture we've been planning to get for our house. So now I'll have to do things like clean and de-clutter.

But maybe I can carry my ratchet around in my back pocket while I do those things, just to maintain the image.

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