Monday, January 14, 2008

Apparently my place is in the kitchen

"We haven't eaten out in ages," Trillian remarked to me recently. We then went out to lunch the next day, but her point remains valid. We're eating nearly all of our meals at home. And we're not talking about take out or delivery or deli meals, but home-cooked. And I've been cooking them.

Now I actually enjoy putting together a good meal and am pretty good in the kitchen (if I may say so). But we've frequently resorted to someone else's cooking due to busy schedules and simply being tired at the end of the day. With the move and our renewed commitment to gluten-free eating for Scooter and myself, however, planning and making meals has become a higher priority.

This also means that I'm back in my other kitchen, The Mouse's Kitchen. Mostly I'm posting gluten-free recipes for the meals that are particularly easy and/or have great results, but there's also mention of the mixes we've found and how those turn out. I don't claim to be an expert, either on issues of gluten intolerance or cooking, just a persistent researcher who fiddles around in the kitchen.

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Lisa b said...

oh where have I been? must check out the 'easy' recipes!