Sunday, December 09, 2007

Procrastination, now in written form

I should be reading through a whole slew of primary texts for my exam on Friday. Or working on my paper due the week after.

Instead I've been doing a whole range of odd, piddling activities around the apartment. Cleaning Scooter's bath toys so that they don't get moved with scum on them. Organizing the pantry by what I will try to use up or give away before the packers come. Unpacking boxes from the last move to make sure we're not just moving crap we meant to get rid of before (like the broken, plastic plant pots that were in the hall closet).

Productive, to a degree, but not that pressing.

But it's a good indication of where my mind is, i.e. not on my schoolwork. Again.

I have this bad habit of self-sabotage whenever I find myself with too much to do. Usually I manage to pull through anyway, but there is a tiny voice in the back of my head that is reminding me it's not guaranteed.

Not that I haven't done anything school-related. I did confirm for myself today that none of the academic libraries near Springfield carry the books I'll need for the second part of my comps and that community borrowers do not have access to inter-library loan services. I also confirmed that those books are either unavailable or prohibitively expensive. So I will probably have to make a number of trips back to Toronto specifically timed to the length of my borrowing privileges at the library.

But now I'm headed back to the historians for a bit.

After I make a cup of coffee...


cinnamon gurl said...

I do the same thing but I really don't think it's self-sabotage. I think I need that added pressure, that question, to do well... for what it's worth. Good luck!!

metro mama said...

Can you get extended privileges? At York I can get 90 days and renew online if there are no holds.

Also, did you try

Good luck!

Mouse said...

UofT has the stingiest borrowing policies I've ever experienced. I get 6 weeks, followed by one 6 week renewal (which I can do online) and then I have to physically return the book. That's even the same terms as faculty receive!

I've been able to get a couple books from my list used, but a number of them are still $150+. So I'm considering some selective photocopying and timing a trip to TO so that I can return books when I come in the summer for a friend's wedding. With the cost of the books, an extra trip up would actually be cheaper!

Laural Dawn said...

I just went through some boxes we packed in a total panic when we were trying to move last time. The best was the one that had some old files, old bills, 3 phones and a half-eaten tub of peanut butter.
I sware I did NOT pack that box!!!!

Mouse said...

I know better than to think I'll have weeded everything out, but I'm hoping to avoid having them pack the out-of-date food goods that have managed to follow us twice now. If I can manage that, I'll be happy.

Lisa b said...

I do the same thing. Maybe it is sabotage, maybe just guilt at being pulled in so many directions.

The book thing is one of the shining examples of UofT stinking. I can't remember but I think alumni can take out books so if I can help let me know.
I think that if someone wants the book you have it gets recalled. Which is nice if you want a book and someone has it but not if you have the book.
I suppose in a worst case scenario mailing the book back is still cheaper.

Mouse said...

I've never had a book recalled, in large part due to the particular author I'm working on. And I'm counting on the mail if I suddenly have somebody wanting the same books.