Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Just when it starts to get sappy, the city goes and sh!ts on you.

In addition to the studying I've been doing, there are a number of move-related tasks I've been chasing down. Faced with a choice of locations where I could handle one of these, I decided to take a little walk this afternoon and go down by the Harbourfront. It has been one of my family's favorite walk routes, mostly in the summer, but I thought it would be nice to go down that way one last time.

As I walked away from the lake, I started thinking about all the things that I never got around to doing in Toronto with Scooter. Some of them were probably never going to happen--as much as Scooter was interested in the CN Tower, I think he was scared of going that high. But, I was starting to feel just the slightest bit sad that we hadn't done some other things.

And then I walked under a tree full of songbirds--do they not realize it's winter?--and felt it. A bird had shat on my head.

When I got home, I immediately stripped and went into the shower, washing my hair three times, once with my liquid mint soap since mint has natural antiseptic properties. I also decided that this was as good a sign as any that I'm done for the day. So now I'm in my pjs and eating an early dinner.

Toronto's got just over a week to give me a better last impression.


cinnamon gurl said...

Hey, that's supposed to be good luck!

naomicatgirl said...


I am NOT laughing at you.

I am NOT laughing at you.

I am Not laughing at you.


Okay, I am laughing at you.

Trillian said...

Now you and my brother have something in common...giggle

b*babbler said...

Heh - Toronto is definitely funny like that.

Odds are, it won't leave a better impression on the way out either (feeling a little, um, irritated by my dear city these days!)

kgirl said...

it IS good luck!

Mouse said...

It sure doesn't feel like good luck. And I hesitate to mention this, as it will remind Trillian, but this is the second time it's happened to me, although the previous incident was 20+ years ago.

Aliki2006 said...

Well, it IS supposed to be good luck, you know!

This has happened to me--twice, too. Maybe we're special?

Lisa b said...

St Petersburg shat on me on my honeymoon and we were on the way to the hermitage so I had to wash my hair in the sink there
please don't remember us like this! It is supposed to be good luck.