Sunday, January 14, 2007

Cleaning house

During each semester, a pile begins to grow on the coffee table and alongside the couch. Books, articles, notes, and papers. All of them 'necessary,' all of them taking up residence until the semester is done. Today, in preparation for the new semester that looms, I went through my piles, returning readings to their folders, filing those folders into a storage box, sorting school papers from home papers, starting new folders for the coming semester's work.

In honor of this work, I feel it is time for another list of topics I hope to get to sometime soon. (I'll ignore the fact that there are still leftovers from earlier lists.):

1. Language. One post dealing specifically with my son's recent development and at least one covering some of my more philosophical musings on language in general.

2. Big changes on the horizon. I've written about these to some extent, particularly about possibly moving closer to my in-laws. As I continue to work on this, I know I'll need to work through some things, so you'll be privy to some of that.

3. More on babymaking. As I go back into TTC mode, I'll be writing at least one post on the general process... and probably several on new trials and frustrations.

4. My mother. Contemplating pregnancy makes me think about my own relationship with my mother. It's not easy to write about, but this post has been brewing for a while.

5. Battlestar Galactica. My current favorite show and one that is not known by nearly enough people.

6. And, of course, my new series on the environment. I've got the next post in the works, and will be lining up more to come.


Sandra said...

That's some inspired house cleaning! I cannot wait to devour each of those posts!!

Lisa b said...

I have some issues with my mother. Seeing 'Battlestar Gallactica' follow yours on the list just made me snort out my popcorn.
I feel better about the whole thing all of a sudden. thanks

Mouse said...

I started out thinking of the BSG posting as something light to follow all the heavy. Of course now I think I'll have at least one post on the political aspect of the show, which is quite heavy in itself.

But I'm glad to have provided a popcorn-snorting moment!