Thursday, January 11, 2007

Brain slowly recharging

For those who have been keeping track and carefully tracking my academic progress (because we desperately need another Humanities PhD), rest assured. I turned my paper in on Monday and took my exam Tuesday and Wednesday. I am aware of a slight miff on one question, but I'm pretty sure it was minor and unlikely to keep me from passing.

I pretty much took the day off, giving myself permission not to do anything school-related today. The only handwriting I did was to sign the credit card slip at Whole Foods--and that was a strain after many hours of writing (and a blister on my writing bump). Tomorrow I'll head back onto campus to do a post-mortem with one of my classmates and possibly start on the reading that I'll need to do for my classes that start next week.

Classes? Where's my break?

Real blogging resumes tomorrow. I promise. So many good ideas. Themed posts. One more full night of sleep should do it.


bubandpie said...

Yay for the resumption of real blogging! I've missed you.

metro mama said...

Congrats. Must feel good to have that behind you.