Monday, August 04, 2008

Lisa b is always right

I should know this by now. And it's not that I ever actively doubted Lisa.

She has written before (and spoken) about how Toronto is a small town. But usually in the context of the medical professionals she deals with. And it seemed completely reasonable to me that, even in a big city, various medical experts might expected to have their paths cross more often than the average Torontonians. That the child of one of these experts attends the school where she has taught, well that was an interesting coincidence, but not wholly surprising within the given context.

But I have learned my lesson: Lisa b is always right and I shouldn't try to place limitations on the wisdom she imparts.

Toronto is a small town. As I had amply demonstrated to me during my last visit. And by none other than Lisa b herself.

Trillian and I walked a lot while we were in Toronto. We were staying in a downtown hotel and it only took us 35-40 minutes to walk to campus, so we made that our exercise. In the afternoon of our first full day in town, we were headed back to the hotel after a visit to Whole Foods for some provisions when we saw a familiar face just up ahead. There was Lisa b, in the flesh. Not a planned meeting at all and quite fortuitous, as we'd been going back and forth in email, trying to arrange a meet-up. We walked all together back to the hotel and firmed up plans for a later meeting--so much easier in person.

And again Lisa told me that Toronto's a small town. I could try to chalk the coincidence up to our location--near a cluster of hospitals where she, unfortunately, still spends a lot of time. But that doesn't explain the timing or being on the correct side of the street. So I'll just use this as a reminder to believe whatever Lisa tells me.


Aliki2006 said...

I always thought Toronto really big, but that was because I saw it coming always from Rochester, NY, which is quite small!

motherbumper said...

I couldn't agree more about it being a small town AND Lisa B is always right. Because she is - enough said.

Lisa b said...

For crying out loud blogger wouldn't even let me gloat on this post.


i was wondering if our meetup would make the blog. it is quite a coincidence as I would have missed you if I were two minutes later.

I also cannot stop laughing when I think of your romantic room with two twin beds!