Thursday, August 07, 2008

Isn't it romantic?

The last sentence of Lisa b's comment on my last post reminds me of another bit of our Toronto trip that deserves to be set to the page (er, screen).

I also cannot stop laughing when I think of your romantic room with two twin beds!

On my previous trip to Toronto, I spent the night before my exams in a hotel. I knew I wanted to be in a location convenient to campus and in a decently nice hotel. So I turned to Hotwire. This website, if you haven't encountered it, basically carries the leftover rooms from various hotels. You don't get to see which hotel specifically you're booking, but they give you a star rating and a general location. I was able to get a 4-star hotel in Downtown Toronto West for a really good price, so I booked it. It turned out to be the Sheraton on Queen St, which really was handy for what I wanted.

When I got there, the person at check-in informed me that the only non-smoking room they had was a business suite. The deal with it was that it was significantly larger, but did not have a permanent bed. Instead a roll-away is brought in. I was fine with that since I expected to be up studying for several more hours. Not that I told him--he comped me the breakfast buffet.

The set-up worked well for me that night. I had plenty of surfaces to spread out my books, plus two very comfortable couches. I called in room service, turned on some lamps, and frantically ran through my notes for the next day. The roll-away bed was actually quite nice--a comfortable, thick mattress, not just a cot--for the less than four hours of sleep I got.

Fast forward a few months. Trillian and I decide to go the Hotwire route again, in part because it will be easiest to be downtown. I find the same deal, so I'm not surprised that it's the Sheraton. What I wasn't expecting, though, was that we'd find ourselves in the same situation as before. Sure enough, our choice was a smoking room or the business suite. The smoking thing is a big enough deal to us that we opted for the business suite. We got the free breakfast buffet again, but that didn't quite make up for the fact that we spent our vacation, longest away from Scooter yet, on twin beds pushed together.

As Trillian remarked, it felt a bit like we were in a 50s sitcom--other than the whole lesbian thing.


Aliki2006 said...

Now I'm laughing at YOUR last line! Ans I had a sudden image of an "I Love Lucy" episode. Their sleeping arrangements were always so funny to me...

Lisa b said...

I'm glad you at least got breakfast.
That is totally sitcom material.
Well maybe a 60s version of a female 'Odd Couple'.