Friday, June 20, 2008

A few Scooter moments

I have started a few posts, serious posts on various issues. But they tend to get bogged down a couple paragraphs on and I have to hit "Save Now" for the time being.

So instead I'll give you a few more Scooter moments from the past few days.


We've had a bunch of foam letters and numbers for the bath for about three years now. Since reaching the cusp of reading, Scooter has a renewed interest in them. He likes to pick out letters and stick them to the side of the tub, asking me to pronounce the nonsense he creates. He gets a kick out of throwing numbers and shapes into the mix. And then laughs hysterically as I stumble through them.


How do you keep a boy busy in the bath for a while? Stick a foam letter in the middle of his back.


Scooter's favorite activity at his daycare recently has been hammering nails into blocks of wood. His teacher showed me a picture of him the other day, wearing goggles, swinging a hammer.


Scooter has also been playing with some of the other kids in his class. It hasn't surprised me to discover that they have similar personalities and that they spend their time together building things. One kid in particular tends to share the same orbit as Scooter. He gravitates to us when it's pick up time and likes to tell me something new. It serves as a little reminder to me that there are plenty of kids here who will not find him all that odd.


Team Serrins Springfield said...

My son loves all sorts of letters and numbers and we have those foam letters. He sticks all of them up on the side of the bath and wants people to read them. Very fun. And I have a picture from years ago where I stuck all the letters to him and he was thrilled. Sometimes I think Scooter and Pablo sound very similar.

Lisa b said...

awww on the last one.
I love shop. I think it is such a loss from the curriculum. Those life skills just do not get transferred any other way and it is so frustrating to deal with students, or my husband, who think everything is theoretical but can't change a lightbulb.

Aliki2006 said...

I loved those foam letters and numbers--L. used to love them, too.

kgirl said...

omg, i am so going to stick a foam letter to bee's back next bath time.