Thursday, June 26, 2008

As requested...

The "recipe," as much as there is one:

Mix up crust according to directions. Remember mother-in-law's remarks that it falls apart easily and that she only got 2 crusts out of a 4-crust box. Scrap idea of making individual pies.

Take out cherries from fridge. They've been sitting in there for a couple of days, pitted and mixed with a little lemon juice. No idea how many, just the ones that were ripe and easy to reach from the third rung of the step-ladder.

Mix into cherries: 1/4-cup tapioca flour, 3/4-cup sugar.

Pour into pie crust that has been pressed into greased pie plate, more or less evenly. Realize that there aren't quite as many cherries as needed. Shrug.

Place second crust on top of pie. No need to slash it, as it's conveniently torn in a couple places. Sprinkle a little more sugar on top.

Back in oven, according to crust box directions (425? maybe?) for 35-40 minutes.

First slice was pretty good, rest is waiting at the in-laws for this weekend's dessert.


Aliki2006 said...

It looks good! Cherry pie is always yummy, I think--even if we get the proportions wrong, or don't have enough cherries!

Mouse said...

My mother-in-law said something very similar. And I have to say that the gluten-free crusts are very flaky and great in that regard, even if they're a pain to handle.