Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Then there were 7

A week ago, I worried that no kids would be attending Scooter's birthday party. I couldn't imagine that none of the ten kids we'd invited would show up, but part of me was definitely worried by the fact that I had no RSVPs for three days after the invitations went out.

The first two affirmative responses came from the kids not in Scooter's class. We invited the youngest daughter of the first lesbian couple we met in Springfield and the boy on our cul-de-sac who is closest in age to Scooter. Once we had those two responses, I relaxed a little. Three is not a bad number for a play date, with some birthday stuff thrown in for good measure. Our neighbor also told me that there was a good chance people would show up even if they didn't call.

Yesterday, we had an RSVP from the first person in Scooter's class--luckily this is also the kid Scooter seems to like best. And in a flurry today, three more.

I have prepared for all of the kids to show up, just in case, and am tossing out this post in the midst of a flurry of neatening.

Trillian convinced me to scale back a little bit. We're still doing individual train cake cars--and the gluten-free cake mix was a bitch to get out of the pan. But I've given up any thought of party-themed games. Instead of crafting various train items, we purchased a ring toss and mini-bowling game, have moved Scooter's basketball hoop outside, and will be filling our sandbox tomorrow morning. Throw in some sidewalk chalk and bubbles, and I think we can keep at least a dozen kids occupied for a while.

I've hung the decorations and put out a few things, mostly because I want to hear Scooter's reaction when he wakes up to signs of his birthday party. I'll be sending him and Trillian over to a local daycare's open house (possible summer option) for a bit in the morning so that I can organize a few other things. Then the reinforcements will come, bringing balloons and the rest of our party stuff--hooray for living near the in-laws!

The weather forecast is in our favor, and it's supposed to be warm and sunny (don't hate me, Canadians). Cross your fingers that it stays that way; my sanity may depend on being able to leave them outside for a good chunk of time.

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kittenpie said...

We did train car cakes last year! They worked out well. This year? Castle.