Sunday, June 24, 2007

Girls' night out

What can you say about a night which included conversation that ranged from Hitchens, Machiavelli and religion (one conversation) to toddlers who won't sleep to the commodification of motherhood in academia to reality television? Must be a gathering of mommy bloggers!

Trillian came with me--she'd met HBM, Metro Mama, and Something Blue before, but this was her first chance to chat with MotherBumper and Kittenpie. McHotty, MM's husband, served as the bartender for the first couple of hours and held up very well in the midst of all that estrogen, even during all of the breastfeeding talk.

We left around midnight, reluctantly, but knew we needed to get some sleep before waking up early for Scooter's gymnastics class. Trillian said to me as we left, "I could easily have stayed a couple more hours." Which is really something for us old ladies--midnight's already incredibly late for us. I had stuck to lemonade, so only had sleepiness to contend with. Trillian lost count of just how many glasses of red wine she'd had--her glass was never allowed to go empty.

The day after... Well, let's just remark that I took Scooter to gymnastics on my own this morning. And we all napped for almost 3 hours this afternoon (working on my overall sleep deficit). But it was definitely worth it.


bubandpie said...

Metro and McHotty really are the best hosts ever.

metro mama said...

I had so much fun. I am paying for it today, but it was worth it!

We MBT folk know how to partay.

Lisa b said...

bub and pie said it.
I have been working on the banker for years to get him to be half the host mchotty is.

cinnamon gurl said...

Doh! Sounds like a blast... next time I guess.