Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Global Warming Wednesday:

OK, so I'm still a bit wiped from all that studying and exam writing, so no major research today. Instead, I want to share some pages I've been enjoying.

No Impact Man is spending a year attempting to have the least environmental impact he can manage. He and his family live in New York City and are doing things like turning off their power (with a solar panel to power the laptop he's blogging with), eating local foods only, and walking or biking everywhere. When I first heard about the project, I thought the blog might be a bit preachy, but he really avoids a condescending tone. He doesn't expect everyone to follow suit and didn't even intend to publicize this at first, but I'm glad he has because there are plenty of small ideas that are part of his site.

I continue to enjoy Lighter Footstep. In particular, I like their tendency to present topics with a handy list of 5 suggested actions. Even when a list doesn't particularly fit my situation, I can see how I can adapt suggestions or feel a bit encouraged if I'm already doing something.

More Toronto/Ontario specific, I've been reading about the growth of organics and an organic farm that has also gone off the grid. Now I really want to hit the farmers' markets and local co-ops!

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