Monday, December 20, 2010

On sneezer and wheezer and cougher and...

Less than a week until Christmas.  This holiday season has been more fraught than others, with E. on a bit of a trigger.  It probably didn't help that we started out December with a rush of presents.  E. has two advent calendars this year: a Lego one, which has become something of a tradition, and the more common chocolate calendar, courtesy of his grandma.  On top of that, Hanukkah began December 1st, so there were gifts associated with that.  The tears began immediately when he had some trouble putting together the Lego Star Wars set on that very first night.

Finally, we realized that he's probably been fighting illness since Thanksgiving.  None of us has been at our best since he came down with some 24-hour bug the night before Thanksgiving.  For the past two weeks, I've had a particularly bad sore throat.  Through several doctors' visits, at least one for each of us, we've determined the following: our household is suffering from a combination of strep throat, stomach flu, and a virus (or 3).  E. stayed home from school on Thursday and Friday, extending his winter break by a couple days, but he's still coughing up a storm.  We should have realized, even before the sore throat and coughing began, that he was not feeling well, as an inexplicable increase in meltdowns is almost always a sign he's ill.  We'd attributed it to the holiday season, but it's been even more intense than usual.

After two days of antibiotics, I'm starting to feel functional again.  For the virus E. has, it's likely to take another 3-5 days for recovery.  Just in time for the Christmas festivities.  I sure hope that works out since I'd rather avoid continuous Lego meltdown next Saturday.

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