Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fan girl squee

I regularly read Amalah. I started with her main blog, but also check in on her at the Advice Smackdown, Bounce Back, Mamapop, and revisited Zero to Forty during my recent pregnancy. What can I say? She makes me laugh, so I'm willing to read about all sorts of stuff I wouldn't seek out otherwise.

But I'm especially devoted to her personal blog since she writes so honestly about dealing with her son Noah's quirks--quirks that remind me of a certain elder son of mine--with humor and love.

So it was both a surprise and thrill to discover that a comment I left on her inaugural post for her new column--"Isn't That Special" on special-needs parenting--had served as the framing device for her second post. And of course it's full of passion and just so right.

Not entirely connected and not that I think my usual writing is anywhere as compelling as Amy's, but I figured I'd throw this out there for my regular readers, especially since I know a bunch of you in real life. I've been thinking seriously about starting a new blog with a more developed focus on Asperger's. Being the parent of a kid with Asperger's, suspecting it in myself, what research is out there, my own half-baked ideas. I'm toying with the idea of writing it fully as myself or at least in a manner more easily traceable to my name. I haven't done much in terms of deciding on a platform or figuring out how to do things like Amazon Associates (since I've read widely on the subject and have a number of books to recommend). So basically my question to you: yea or nay?


Bea said...

Yea and yay!

Aliki2006 said...

I would always answer, yea!

I know from the monthly AS support group meetings we go to that there is a real need out there to connect with others dealing with AS. We share blog URLs and new books, etc., and I know I, personally, would love to read more insights/experiences from you...