Tuesday, September 23, 2008

When two Aspies are not on the same page

The players:
Neighborhood Kid (NK): Same 8-year-old who asked me about which church I attend.
Mouse (M): A blogger compelled to share with the vast internets.

To be absolutely fair, neither player has an official diagnosis of anything, Asperger's or otherwise. On the other hand, NK's mother has stated that he is generally oblivious of social cues, sarcasm, and other nuances. And M, although she prides herself in being quite observant about people, still fails spectacularly in that area on occasion.

NK is at the door, asking if M's son (Scooter, another potential Aspie) would like to come play outside.

NK (inquisitively turning to M): So do you take care of Scooter?

M (a little befuddled, trying to clarify): Like, during the day? (receives nod) Well, I take him to and from school. But I'm a graduate student, so when he's in school, I read and study.

NK (obviously not quite the answer he wanted, but not sure how to formulate the next question): . . .

M (aware NK wants to say more, but not sure where this is going): . . .

Scooter (completely oblivious to the exchange, running out the door): OK, let's go.

It was only as NK started to follow Scooter that I realized what NK was really asking: Am I the nanny? Apparently this is how having two grown women living in one house with a child makes the most sense to him.


Lisa b said...

ohhhhhh. that was tough on me too. but I'm good with facial expressions usually and was blind here.

I had to laugh at the 'Aspie'. I know Trillian always uses that but I don't know anyone else who does and i just find it hilarious.

Aliki2006 said...

Oh, the subtleties of this exchange!