Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Some birthday numbers

35 How old I am today.

55 How old Scooter guessed I was going to be when I asked him yesterday. I guess I was expecting a replay of last year when he pegged me as 10. Lesson: Don't ask a child who prizes his new understanding of large numbers and who lacks a sense of scale.

57 Scooter's second guess. Lesson: See above.

58 Scooter's final guess when I told him, "Lower." Lesson: Seriously, lady, just quit already.

45 Dollars I have to pay in fees for my traffic violation. That and a defensive driving course (plus no citations for a couple months) wipes it off my record. And, yes, I ended up with an appointment to see the judge on my birthday.


something blue said...

Happy Birthday! Love the guessing game and that you are learning these lessons the hard way. That must be a sign of your youthfulness. Hope that you will soon be enjoying some delicious cake!

Lisa b said...

Happy Birthday!

kgirl said...

happy birthday. i'm sure you look AMAZING for 58!

Aliki2006 said...

Happy Birthday!!!

T. once guessed I was sixty. Sheesh.

Mouse said...

I like kgirl's way of looking at this!